Founded by entrepreneurs with a long and deep-rooted connection with fashion, textiles and apparel, Nabila began with the mission of bringing the finest craftsmanship, quality of fabrics, and expertise in tailoring to the people of Bangladesh. In the many years preceding the formation of the company, Nabila’s principal designer and managing director, Mrs Shamima Nabi, was one of the country’s first female entrepreneurs to establish and manage her own garment manufacturing company, and her years of expertise in the industry, continues to take the organisation forward today.

Today, Nabila has expanded across Dhaka city and holds showrooms in three prominent locations in the heart of the city. It carries products for men, women and children, from across the Indian subcontinent and the organisation has formed links with weavers and craftsmen in the rural depths of the region to bring to consumers authentic attires at extremely competitive prices. Nabila prides itself in being able to deliver fashionable clothing, without compromising on quality.

Shamima Nabi, the Head Designer of Nabila has launched her exclusive label, The Shamima Nabi Collection, through which she creates exclusive and bridal ensembles that are an ode to Bangladeshi craftsmanship and handlooms. Nabila Nabi, the namesake of Nabila has also launched her new line, a range of international contemporary apparel, infused with our Bengali handlooms. These creations are unique to NABILA and are proudly crafted in Bangladesh.

At NABILA, we believe that selecting the garments that adorn us, is not only a commercial transaction, but an opportunity to truly enjoy the retail experience. We aim for excellence in our service and believe in creating a perfect ambiance for the retail therapy of our guests. We welcome you to our showrooms and await your gracious presence.